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Mysinanju - Custom gundam blog

Mysinanju - Custom gundam blog
Mysinanju est un blog dédié au modélisme et plus particulièrement à l'amélioration de maquettes. Etant fan de SF les maquettes seront orientée dans ce sens. Le blog est en anglais pour le rendre plus accessible à l'ensemble de la communauté mondiale
Simply I wanted to share my work on custom toys and some ideas about that. I spend many time making hobby and watching other people hobby, so now it is my turn to take part into the hobby ring.

I decided to start this blog after receiving my last gunpla the fabulous 1/100 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver. Ka. This kit is really good and I had many ideas to improve it and the idea of create a blog was next to that. So I will start with this kit and, I hope, many other will follow, some that I already done, some that I will do

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